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Accessory Guide

USB capture cards

USB capture cards can be used to stream and record WACCA.

This will also show additional song stats on the parts of the screen that are otherwise not visible from the cab. This is the recommended one to use but anything 1080p60 is good, there's no EDID fuckery.

Burrito has a neat WACCA Lily R stream overlay, and a Reverse version is in the works with some nice move transitions.

Gooseneck Phone mount thing

There's a little bracket on the top right of your machine that is designed for you to clamp a gooseneck phone mount onto to record gameplay.


Update this with a recommended mount that has appropriate length etc.


You will want to wear gloves to play the game because you will burn the skin on your fingertips from doing slides on the touch panels. Cotton gloves are recommended, lots of people like the white gloves available at Daiso. Get gloves of your preferred thickness, they will impact the feel of the game.

If you wanna go full WACCA, the official gloves made by Marv are customized versions of these:

(Do note that they are thin, and probably won't last long).


Upload the trace file of the glove's design

Last update: August 24, 2023